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Don't know your Life Path Number in numerology? Here's an easy guide to calculate HOW-TO: Calculate the Life Path (or Birth Path) Number. Don't know your Life Path 1. Begin with your full birth date. Example: DECEMBER 19 ,

Too much Metal energy creates this danger, so wearing the color red amplifies Fire energy to combat it. Wearing blue or black is also a way to calm the danger of the 7 Star. They could be tempted to steal an idea or harm your reputation. The 6 Heaven Star blesses Dragons with positive energy that has a beneficial effect on business and personal aspects of life.

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This could come from a mentor or seemingly from an unseen hand from above. With this blessing comes the potential for a salary raise, a new contract, or a promotion, so keep alert. At work, co-workers support your ideas and will be happy to help if you share your plans with them. Carry also a Ratnasambhava Buddha Keychain.

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More Feng Shui products to enhance the 6 Heaven Flying Star Student Dragons are also in line to receive mentor luck with exams or perhaps even a chance for a boost in plans for higher education. The 6 Star favors friendships and love now, too and you could be guided to someone who becomes very important and satisfying in your personal life.

Enhance your relationship luck with our Love luck charms. The 5 Yellow Misfortune Star creates obstacles and Dragons are advised to lie low rather than trying to begin new projects, partnerships or investments.

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The color red is ill-advised now, so refrain from wearing it and remove red items from the Southeast sector. The color white is a favorable alternative. More Feng Shui products to subdue 5 Misfortune Flying Star Students could have difficulty with studies due to lowered energy. An argument with a friend further places a burden on studies. Take breaks to clear your mind.

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Married Dragons could face misunderstandings or arguments with a partner, so do what you can to avoid saying or doing anything upsetting. Enhance your relationship luck with our Love luck Feng Shui charms. People are drawn to your charisma now and time spent socializing or networking helps build new allies or strengthen those already existing.

More Feng Shui products to capture the 4 Peach Blossom Flying Star Students who work hard can reap the rewards in terms of a scholarship possibility or honor of some type. Aim high because success is within reach. Activities beyond typical studies also fare well. Love and romance are available to Dragons now and singles could be pursued by one or more admirers. Play the field and enjoy this attention. There is good luck potential for Dragons now, in spite of a negative influence from the 3 Quarrelsome Star. Walk away if a discussion becomes heated rather than trying to make your point known.

More Feng Shui products to tame the 3 Quarrelsome Flying Star Love is not at its best this month, so singles might consider very casually dating rather than seeking a special someone. Those in a relationship or marriage will need to protect their partnership by staying clear of a heated discussion.

Even students will do better studying than spending too much time with a friend. A mixture of luck awaits Dragons this month. But they ultimately also form the Big Wealth Ho Tu, with heightened money luck.

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This is particularly true for the year-old Metal Dragon, the year-old Wood Dragon and the year-old Earth Dragon. Business moves along nicely and opportunities can have an auspicious result.

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Complete previously started projects and then begin research and planning for new projects. Do your homework, though, and ask co-workers for support.

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The energy that derails success now is your health. Seek medical help if an illness begins, and pamper yourself in dietary and alcohol-related matters.

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Feng shui advice suggests carrying the Wu Lou or Garuda Amulet to ward off illness and boost immunity. These men and women are likely to thrive in employment especially if involved in marketing, teaching or writing. There are many opportunities for changes in employment this year and those who have been wanting promotions should get them. Those starting out will be luckier than most. Jobs are likely to change as industries expand and Dragon folk could do very well and forge ahead in fields like transportation, telecom and media industries.

Although those born under this zodiac sign are unlikely to have any big money issues they will still have to ensure that any debts they have accrued are settled. Money owing should be paid off first before borrowing any more.

12222 Chinese Horoscopes Pig Year for 12 Chinese Zodiac Signs

The Dragon is unlikely to get himself to deeply into debt but he should be aware that even by making small changes in his budgeting it can make a big difference. They should avoid impulse buying and stick to his budget. They are likely to find new and novel ways to secure their financial position and substantial sums could be accumulated.

Cash will flow both in and out of their pockets. These people may want to modernise their homes and spend money on the latest new equipment. This sign should shop around and not pay the highest price for such apparatus. This more careful, thoughtful and far-seeing modest approach is one I recommend in Folk may experience some digestive discomfort possibly caused by stress or by not eating regular meals.

They may need to make some small dietary changes. They will also need to make sure they have enough sleep in order to charge their batteries and rejuvenate themselves. If the Dragon plays sports, they should avoid rash actions connected with speed since they could be prone to injury. This could potentially happen more than once. Many could be drawn to detoxing in order to restore their high energy levels and rejuvenate their spirits in George Tang.

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