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Friedlander, Kevin Ford, Daniel A.

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Goldston, Steven M. Gonek, Andrew Granville, Adam J.

Preprints and Papers by Christian Elsholtz

Harper, Glyn Harman, D. Lapidus, Oleg Lazarev, Andrew H. Ledoan, Robert J. Miller, Hugh L.

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Montgomery, Melvyn B. JavaScript is currently disabled, this site works much better if you enable JavaScript in your browser. Harper, Glyn Harman, D. Lapidus, Oleg Lazarev, Andrew H.

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  • A Note on Helson’s conjecture on moments of random multiplicative functions.
  • Narrow progressions in the primes.
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Ledoan, Robert J. Miller, Hugh L.

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  4. Persons: Konyagin, Sergei Vladimirovich.
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  7. Montgomery, Melvyn B. Specific emphasis is given to topics regarding exponential and trigonometric sums and their behavior in short intervals, anatomy of integers and cyclotomic polynomials, small gaps in sequences of sifted prime numbers, oscillation theorems for primes in arithmetic progressions, inequalities related to the distribution of primes in short intervals, the Moebius function, Euler's totient function, the Riemann zeta function and the Riemann Hypothesis. Read more Read less.

    Number Theory Books, 1996

    From the Back Cover This volume contains a collection of research and survey papers written by some of the most eminent mathematicians in the international community and is dedicated to Helmut Maier, whose own research has been groundbreaking and deeply influential to the field. Transactions of the AMS dvi ps pdf.

    Damaris Schindler: Interactions of analytic number theory and geometry - lecture 1

    Proceedings of the AMS dvi ps pdf. Link to publisher ps pdf. Link to publisher dvi ps pdf.

    Professor Glyn Harman

    Link to publisher pdf ps. The english version contains all details of the proofs. The German version has a more general introduction and is directed towards a general audience and contains another short proof. The German version is published in Mathematische Semesterberichte 50, Heft 1, , English preprint.

    This survey appeared with years of delay. For an update see "Zero-sum problems in finite abelian groups and affine caps" below. Link to publisher pdf. This paper was invited for an issue at the occasion of the 75th birthday of Prof.